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    - 23 NI Kontakt patches (Kontakt4+)
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An ambitious, exhaustive and highly original collection of snare drum samples!

The SNARE PACK DELUXE features over 1400 samples of real snare drums and complementary sounds, and 23 NI KONTAKT patches.
The patches provide instant access to various categories of snares, focusing on playability and versatility. 12 included multi-patches make great use of Kontakt's sampling power and provide fascinating new sounds!

- over 1000 raw samples of real snare drums
- deep multisampling for maximum playability and realism (up to 28 velocity layers)
- wide range of playing technics, skins and tuning for maximum flexibility
- over 150 mastered single-shots snares for instant results (electronic snares, reamped snares...)
- over 300 samples of complementary acoustic sounds (tambourines, cross stick, shakers, claps, skins, metal boxes, small drums...)
- 23 NI Kontakt4 patches provide a huge palette of dynamic sounds useful for all music styles



Raw, unprocessed multi-samples of over 40 real snare drums:

-Stereo Natural Snares (78 samples, up to 8 velocity layers)

-Studio Snares Selection (30 snare multisamples, 4 microphone positions, 532 samples)

-Tama Starclassic Snare (200 samples, 2 mic positions)

-Maxtone Piccolo Snare (80 samples)

-Pearl Snare Brushes (16 samples)

-Slingerland Snare (41 samples, 4 microphone positions)

-Various Snares (85 samples, includes muted snares, tube snares, brush snares...)


47 raw snare samples were selected for the creation of this collection. They were pitched and processed using various high end studio gear, in order to create punchy, original sounds ready to be used in a project. (47 stereo samples) You'll find tight, powerful high pitched snares, naturally processed snares with beautiful reverbs, and funky dub snares with long echoes and reverbs.


This folder contains 76 original electronic snare drum samples created using digital gear (Nord Rack 2X, Access Virus Ti, Waldorf Blofeld), analog monosynths (MFB Nanozwerg, MFB 522, DSI Mopho) and classic drum machines (roland TR808 and 909, Linndrum…)

All samples were reamped through a Fostex E16 tape machine for a unique, punchy sound.


-Claps (56 new clap samples, 6 microphone positions)

-Original Snare Pack (111 samples)

-Tambourines (87 samples, hand and stick, two mic positions)

-Various Bonus Samples: shakers, metal boxes, drum skins, cross-sticks, small drums...(61 samples)


00_Snare Selection

A useful selection of 5 categories of snares (electro, natural, muted, open/snares-off, brushes)

01_Studio Snares_Stereo,
02_Studio Snares_Overhead,
03_Studio Snares_Dynamic

Three complementary patches with different microphone positions

04_Stereo Natural Snares

05_Reamped Snares

06_Electro Snares

07_Bonus Sounds

08_Stacks and FX
This patch features various samples pitched and layered to create fascinating new sounds!

11_Tama Starclassic Snare_close mic,
11_Tama Starclassic Snare_overheads

Two complementary patches with huge playability (5 playing technics, three different tunings)


All the multi patches (.nkm files) combine various single nki files to create new, original sounds:

21_MULTI_Studio Snares_straight mix
22_MULTI_Studio Snares_Jungle set
23_MULTI_Studio Snares_bright mono punch

These patches combine up to three microphone positions for the Studio Snares collection. Various volumes, use of equalisers, compressors and reverb provide different sounds.

31_MULTI_Tama Starclassic_straight mix
32_MULTI_Tama Starclassic_pretty punch

These patches combine the two microphone positions for the Tama Starclassic Snare.


This patch layers two widely panned single patches of electronic snares, and provide great stereo electronic snares.


Combining natural snare drums, reamped ones and electro sounds for some unheard, complex and punchy sounds.


This patch adds widely panned layers to the previous one for even more complex sounds!

44_MULTI_Deep Impacts

A very useful patch for movie scores and cinematic effects in music tracks: lots of deep, down-pitched sounds with power and punch for an epic, out-of-this-world sound!

45_MULTI_DnB snares

This patch uses layers of high-pitched natural snares and provides typical jungle and drum n'bass sounds .

46_MULTI_Power factory

This patch combines low-pitched sounds (for the body of the sounds) and high pitched electro snares (for the attack and the precision). With a nice balance of power and precision, the resulting sounds will be perfect for industrial music, music for pictures…

47_MULTI_Point Snares

This patch layers high-pitched snare samples. The resulting sounds will be great for electronic music, as glitches and FX.

1456 samples (WAV, 48kHz, 24bits mono and stereo files)
Total size unzipped: 361MB

NB: a full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 is required. The patches will load in Kontakt Free Player in demo mode (with a time limit)

Original painting 'Les Tambours de Napoléon' by Vianney Carvalho.
Vianney is a french artist and graphic designer who's been working in the fields of music and childhood for many years. Always ready for a new challenge, he is a versatile and passionate artist and is currently involved in numerous projects for magazines and websites.
Check his work here:


released April 18, 2013

produced by julien tauban for Loops de la crème, april 2013



all rights reserved


loops de la crème Wien, Austria

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