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    - 8 NI Kontakt patches
    - a user guide with tempo tips and tricks (pdf file)
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A great and funky virtual instrument to play, but also a fantastic tool to jam with, and practice and improve your skills as a musician!

ORGANIC METRONOME is a virtual instrument and a collection of play-along tracks, loops and samples.
It was created with the goal to provide a fun, inspiring and realistic alternative to regular metronomes:

It uses an extended collection of sampled rhythmic instruments, with both familiar metronome sounds (drumsticks, woodblock, tambourine, drum kit) and original ones (sleigh bells, group foot stomps…) all recorded with great depth, detail and a gorgeous sound.
Instead of repeating the same sound over and over in a rigid, static way like other metronomes, ORGANIC METRONOME recreates the lively, realistic feeling of a musician.

How does it work?

Imagine a great percussionist playing a simple beat on a cowbell. While he will perform a rock-solid, consistent beat, each single hit will have micro variations in sound, loudness, timbre and timing.
These variations are not obviously noticeable, but the listener feels them, and they define a realistic, human, natural feeling that is both comforting and inspiring.

ORGANIC METRONOME is based on this concept: the virtual instrument (using NI Kontakt sample player) automatically cycles through extended series of similar samples containing such all-important micro variations.
The result is a stunning level of realism, that can also be found in the loops and all play-along tracks.

ORGANIC METRONOME is a flexible, multifunction tool that will appeal to:
- Musicians willing to learn and improve their groove and tempo skills

- Teachers looking for friendly, inspiring new tools for their students/courses

- Recording engineers willing to provide inspiring, efficient click tracks

- Producers hunting for classy, original drums and percussions sounds

- - - - - - - -

This products features samples, loops, play-along tracks and NI Kontakt patches:


The main goal of the ORGANIC METRONOME play-along tracks is to help develop stronger tempo and timing skills in a fun, interactive way.
These 43 MP3 tracks are organized in five 'modes', and come at different tempos:

1. Metronome Challenge (60 to 150BPM)

A real test for your tempo skills!
Your goal is to stay on time by playing along this track all the way to the end, through progressively challenging beats (or rather lack of them ; ) !!)
The use of 'wide' hits (like group claps or group foot stomps), increasingly longer rests, repetitive switching from single time to double time will all test your timing in a fun and musical way!

2. playalong_fat backbeat (70 to 150 BPM)

A great playalong track to practice rhythm playing, groove, flow, playing in the pocket, playing ahead or behind the beat.
After the initial count-in, only the 2nd and 4th beat of each bar are played (handclaps): You're responsible for defining the position of the 1st and 3rd beat of each bar. Play along these tracks on a daily basis to develop tempo authority and a reliable inner sense of time.

3. playalong_jazzy upbeats (60 to 150BPM - equivalent to 120 to 300BPM in double time)

After the initial count-in, only the 'and' of each beat is played (finger snap and hihat). Additionally, a small bell will ring on the one of every four bars.
Use this track to work on swing, phrasing, or just practice rhythm changes, walking basslines...

4. playalong_motown beat (50 to 110BPM - equivalent to 100 to 220BPM in double time)

This funky track is a tribute to the great musicians of Motown. Have fun practicing scales or just playing along the beat, or work on alternating normal time / double time every four bars...

5. playalong_straight beat_8 bars periods (70 to 130 BPM)

This straight beat will be perfect to work on groove, and develop a feeling for musical periods: every 8 bars, the tambourine plays a different pattern. Practice switching scales, rhythms or grooves along with these periods.



Featuring extended round-robin functions, preprogrammed beats and velocity responsive sounds, all Kontakt patches use an extensive, original sound bank:

Acoustic sounds:

⁃ cowbell1 (room and power/drive)
⁃ sticks1 (open, detailed)
⁃ cowbell2 (detail, open -half ambience)
⁃ sticks2 (dry, dynamic)
⁃ cowbell3 (dry, controlled)
⁃ sleigh bells (details, organic, extended tail details)
⁃ foot stomps (6 stompers, room sound)
⁃ bass drum (real, open and tight, old school)
⁃ tambourine (tight, controlled HF)
⁃ snare center hit (fat, soul)
⁃ mechanic metronome (warm, organic)
⁃ snare rimshot (power, room, controlled resonance)
⁃ snaps (room, power)
⁃ hihat stick (precise, room)
⁃ solo clap (balance, round, punchy)
⁃ Hihat foot (realism
⁃ group claps (4 clappers, room, inspiring)
⁃ diner bell/ small bell (precise, warm sound)
⁃ woodblock (full, room)

(All acoustic samples recorded in series of 11 round robins)

Electronic sounds:

Made with two analog synthetisers (MFB synth and drum computer)
These samples will be really appreciated as tempo tracks for percussionists and drummers, or will make great foundations for programing beats
Both the Bass drum and Snare Drum were recorded in series of 11 round robins, and will be great alternatives to overused 808 samples!
You'll also find 8 extra analog samples for typical electronic metronome sounds.



68 funky, inspiring, raw loops, created with the ORGANIC METRONOME Kontakt patches.


TOTAL SIZE unzipped: 427MB

43 play-along tracks (MP3 tracks)
234 drum and percussion samples (stereo and mono WAV files, 48kHz, 24bit)
8 NI Kontakt5 patches (full Kontakt 5 needed)
1 NI Kontakt4 patch (full Kontakt4 needed)
68 loops (stereo WAV files, 48kHz, 24bit)


released November 17, 2012

created by julien tauban for loops de la crème 2012



all rights reserved


loops de la crème Wien, Austria

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