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NB: this product is also available in Loops de la Crème complete bundle LA TOTALE, available here:

The ultimate kick drum sample library!

With 1730 samples and 166 NI Kontakt instruments, KICK PACK DELUXE features a complete palette of kick drum samples and all the tools needed to carve the ultimate kick sounds:

- 70 multi-sampled raw acoustic bass drums
- 17 original collections of kick samples (electro, vynil, stacked, vintage, 808, reamped, subs...)

- over 300 mastered kicks for all music styles
- 20 practical Kontakt sets for quick access to all categories of kicks

- 45 tuned kicks chromatically playable over two octaves
- deep custom cinematic impacts

- over 130 dynamic, combinable instruments
- deep multi-sampling for natural, realistic response (up to 32 velocity layers)

- all the tools needed to easily create your ultimate kicks:
- 64 click samples to carve sharp and cutting attacks
- 147 percussions and 'found sounds' samples for original, organic layers (cajons, large drums, doors, floors, cinematic toms...)

1730 samples (mono and stereo WAV, 24bit, 48kHz)
131 NI Kontakt nki, 35 Kontakt multis (Kontakt 5+ required!)
Complete User Manual included
Total size uncompressed: 376MB


All the samples of the collection are organized in the following categories:

01_RAW KICKS_multisample series (871 samples, up to 32 velocity layers)

At the core of the library, these series of multi-sampled bass drums offer a huge palette of raw, dynamic sounds.

They are organised in 5 sub-categories:

The more common sounding kick samples, recorded using classic bass drum microphones and fair amount of muffling for efficient, punchy sounds.

A collection of acoustic kicks with plenty of bite, punch and character. Various technics were used to create or simulate saturation and vibe during the recording of these samples (preamp overdrive, fine-tuning of the batters and skins, creative use of low-fi equipment…)
Due to their nature, these samples will naturally cut-through busy mixes and offer plenty of attitude to your beats.

Recorded with microphones placed further away. Perfect for vintage styles, jazz, acoustic music. These kicks are also wonderful to combine with electronic samples, as they provide lots of punch in mid frequencies, and great realism.

Recorded with specific microphones and recording technics to perfectly capture the deepest frequencies. The natural ‘boom’ of these samples will be useful to layer with other sounds, or to drive modern beats.

These samples were recorded on open sounding bass drums, using little to no muffling. The resulting samples are long and resonating, and contain a prominent pitch.

02_ELECTRO KICKS (340 samples)

Covering a huge palette of electronic sounds, these samples are organised in 5 categories:

Recorded on a Roland TR808 and a MFB 522 drum computer. Features raw samples, as well as beautifully processed sounds.

Originally recorded for 909 KING of the KiCKS, these unreleased samples feature over-the-top saturated kicks, as well as clean and punchy samples from this classic drum computer.

A sweet collection of very original one-shots recorded on mono analog synthesisers (DSI Mopho, Doepfer Dark Energy, MFB Nanozwerg, Korg MS-20 mini…)

A selection of kick samples recorded on a Nord Rack 2X. Features classic sounding kicks as well as funky original ones.

Recorded on a Access Virus TI. These stereo samples make great use of the Virus’ filters and distortion power, and provide a wide range of modern sounds.


These samples were created by combining, processing and mixing a varied selection of kick samples. They offer various flavours and amounts of saturation, compression, limiting, transient designing and EQ.
The purpose of all of these sounds is to provide instant results: these kicks should sit very well in a mix without further processing.

- Bad Company Kicks: originally recorded on a slingerland bass drum, using 6 microphones at various distances. Reamped through API 500 series processors.

- Iron Kicks: reamped through a drawmer MX60 channel strip, using front-end saturation, EQ, compression and limiting.

- Mixed raw kicks: combinations of kick samples recorded with multiple microphones, and mixed on a TL Audio M4.

- Raw kicks reamped: samples of raw bass drums processed using analog and digital high-end tools.

- Stacked Kicks: very powerful combinations of acoustic and electronic kicks, mixed and processed.

- Tube Kicks: a selection of over-the-top saturated kicks, nothing subtle about these : )

- Vynil Kicks: created by dropping the needle on a vynil player. Lots of short, tasty sounds, perfect to add flair and vibe to generic beats.

04_CLICK SAMPLES (63 samples)

Custom-made for KICK PACK DELUXE, this collection of short and cutting sounds will be perfect to layer with kick samples and make them sharper.
It features very short electronic sounds, recordings of various objects (balls, sticks, snares, hi-hats, boxes…) and samples cut out of various kick recordings.

05_BONUS PERCUSSIONS (147 samples)

These series of samples feature raw recordings of percussive sounds (doors, tables, floors, boxes, water bottles…), raw percussion instruments (bongos, shakers, cajon…) as well as layered and digitally processed percussions (cinematic toms, combinations of djembe and shakers…)
All these sounds are multisampled (up to 7 velocity layers).
The purpose of this collection is to offer a set of fresh, original sounds to layer underneath your favorite kick samples or use as substitute for kicks.


B. KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS (Full Kontakt 5 required!)

01_SETS (20 nki)

- One main nki set with 70 multi-sampled raw acoustic kicks

- 19 category sets of kicks and percussive sounds (25 kicks pro set)

02_CLICKS (47 nki)

- 47 click patches feature one click sample playable over the whole keyboard (no pitch tracking): this feature makes it really easy to combine the click of your choice with any of the kicks from the various sets.

03_PERCUSSIONS (34 nki)

- 35 bonus percussion sounds are available as Kontakt instruments, with up to seven velocity layers, for a nice detailed and expressive playability. Like the click patches, the percussion instruments are playable over the whole keyboard (no pitch tracking)

04_TUNED KICKS (33 nki)

- 33 kicks from the collection were finely tuned by ear and stretched over two octaves to turn them into chromatically playable instruments.
You will find here typical electronic sounds as well as deep resonating acoustic bass drums. All of these kicks were chosen because they contained a prominent, pitched bass tone.
These patches are very practical: you can use them to create original bass lines, or use a kick drum perfectly tuned to the key of your song, to avoid messing with your song’s harmonies and increase the punch of your mixes.
Every tuned kick is playable over two octaves, from C2 to C4

05_MULTIS (35 nkm)

- 12 multis provide new sets of kick sounds. They are based on combinations of various single set patches, layered with additional click samples and / or percussion instruments. Each of these ‘combi’ multis feature 25 different kick sounds

- 13 multi patches combine various tuned kicks, along with extra clicks and percussion instruments, to create original melodic instruments.
You’ll find in this section perfect combinations of bass and kick sounds for harder modern styles, as well as original ethnic bass sounds.

- 10 multi-patches make great use of Kontakt’s sampling power and provide unexpected original sounds. You’ll find here splendid cinematic impacts, fun percussion ensemble, over-the-top organic hits, or previously unheard synthetic kicks.



released April 19, 2014

Created by Julien Tauban for Loops de la Crème, april 2014



all rights reserved


loops de la crème Wien, Austria

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