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    1. a ZIP FOLDER (117MB) with:
    - 688 samples (mono and stereo wav, 24bit, 48Khz)
    - 50 Kontakt patches (Full Kontakt 5 required!!)
    - 17 IR samples (reverb impulse responses)
    - a user guide (pdf file)
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NB: this product is also available in Loops de la Crème complete bundle LA TOTALE, available here: www.loopsdelacreme.com/la-totale

HiHat Essentials is the third product from the SILVER&GOLD series, the line of premium cymbal samples and virtual instruments.

It features 23 different and complementary hi-hat cymbals, deeply multi-sampled using a wide range of top studio microphones and gear. The 50 included Kontakt patches provide realistic, dynamic hi-hats and also feature original combinations and fascinating sound effects.

- 23 multi-sampled hi-hats
- 4 playing technics (closed, half-open, open, foot)
- up to 6 velocity layers for realistic, dynamic results
- round-robin and custom script for organic response
- 50 NI KONTAKT patches (38 nki, 12 nkm, Full Kontakt 5 needed!!)
- 688 samples, (mono and stereo WAV, 24bit, 48Khz)
- 17 IR samples (convolution reverb)
- Total size uncompressed: 300MB


23 original hi-hats were selected for the creation of this collection. You will find highly sought-after hand-made hi-hats (Zildjian Avedis 14", Istanbul 13", Bosphorus 14"), modern studio favorites (Zildjian quickbeat 13", K custom 14", Paiste Traditionnal 14") as well as unconventional-sounding hi-hats (Zildjian gen AE effect hi-hats, stacked hi-hats, hybrid models, lo-fi hats, miniature hi-hats...)


Various microphones and mic distances were used to capture a wide palette of vibrant sounds. Along with traditional hi-hat microphones (AKG 451B, AKG 414, Neumann KM140, Schoeps MK4...), a few unconventional microphones were used for their ability to capture original sounds (Shure Bullet, SE VR1, Sontronics Sigma, Shure SM7, EV RE15...)

Some of the samples were further processed using high-end studio gear (UA 6176, Focusrite RED7, API 550B, Manley Massive Passive...)


The 688 samples are organised in 24 subfolders. These samples were recorded with great depth and detail and with as little ambience as possible to ensure maximum flexibility and usefulness. A minimum of 4 playing technics were recorded for each cymbal:
- closed (tight sound)
- half-open (loose sound)
- open
- foot
Some hi-hats feature an additional articulation (foot splash)
All samples are mono or stereo WAV, 24bit, 48kHz


The 50 Kontakt patches are organized in 28 single hi-hat instruments, 4 category sets, 5 Fx instruments, and 12 multis:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - SINGLE Hi-HATS (28 nki)- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Each cymbal is available as a single Kontakt instrument, with up to 5 playing zones for the various articulations.
These patches can be easily combined and layered to create new sounds:
01_HH Istanbul akg
02_HH Istanbul room
03_HH Istanbul ribbon
04_HH Istanbul bullet
05_HH mini akg
06_HH mini bullet
07_HH mini dyn
08_HH mini ribbon
09_HH Anatolian
10_HH Byzance
11_HH Paiste Brass
12_HH Paiste V
13_HH Rude
14_HH Sabian premium.nki
15_HH Turkish
16_HH Vault stereo
17_HH Zildjian avedis
18_HH Zildjian Electric
19_HH Zildjian quickbeat
20_HH Zultan
21_HH Stack static.nki
22_HH K custom
23_HH Hybrid breakbeat
24_HH Masterworks
25_HH Meinl raw
26_HH Bosphorus
27_HH Istanbul 13inches
28_HH Paiste Formula
29_HH Meinl B

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - FX PATCHES (5 nki)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

These 5 patches use various effects within Kontakt (delays, filters, EQ, saturation, phasers...):
41_HH classic phase FX
42_HH 60s time machine FX
43_HH nasty lofi FX
44_HH stop moving FX
45_HH vintage blues FX

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - SETS (4 nki)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

3 practical category sets for instant access to a wide selection of single samples:
51_SET_Closed Hats_various samples
52_SET_Hihat Foot_various samples
53_SET_Loose Hats_various samples

1 sound design patch using Kontakt’s sampling power (loops, reverse, pitch, layering…) to provide unheard, cinematic sounds:
61_SET_Sound Design

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - MULTIS (12 nkm)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

12 multis feature various combinations of hi-hats as well as unexpected sound FX :
71_multi_istanbul power mix
72_multi_mini HH room mix
73_multi_elevator sickness
74_multi_glitch hats
75_multi_quick dynamo hats
76_multi_construction site 2070
77_multi_ultraviolet break hats
79_multi_factory hats
80_multi_my HH is bigger than yours
81_multi_electro peanuts hats
82_multi_trip hop hats
83_multi_trip trap HH


Most of the samples in this collection were recorded fairly dry, with as little ambience as possible, to ensure maximum flexibility and usefulness. All patches feature a convenient reverb selector section. You can select one of the 17 included reverb impulse response, and set the amount of reverb needed. The reverbs are ordered according to size, from the early reflection sound of a small office to the huge and rich ambience of a cathedral.

688 samples, 50 NI KONTAKT patches (full Kontakt 5 required!!!), total size uncompressed: 300MB


BELL ESSENTIALS (loopsdelacreme.bandcamp.com/album/bell-essentials)

CYMBAL ESSENTIALS (loopsdelacreme.bandcamp.com/album/cymbal-essentials)


released June 26, 2014

Created by Julien Tauban for Loops de la Crème 2014



all rights reserved


loops de la crème Wien, Austria

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