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    - 21 NI Kontakt patches
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NB: this product is also available in Loops de la Crème complete bundle LA TOTALE, available here:

The ultimate foot stomps sample library!

Building upon the concept, sampling and programming technics used for the CLAP PACK DELUXE, this new sample collection is a treasure trove of original, versatile, high quality sounds.

FOOTSTOMP PACK features over 900 samples of real foot stomps and foot steps, and 21 NI Kontakt patches.

Recorded in various studio live rooms and control rooms, as well as on location on music stages, with the help of many people, all kinds of shoes and complimentary accessories, and as always many wonderful microphones : )

-904 samples (WAV, 48kHz, 24bit)
-group stomps, solo stomps, foot steps, additional sounds and FX
-contains both dry samples and samples with natural ambience
-21 NI Kontakt patches
-extended round robin (11 round robin pro key)
-clever programing allows fantastic sounding, realistic results
-17 IR samples (reverb impulse responses)


1. POWER STOMPS (179 samples)
Heel stomps, Toughroom, Stereo trench, Stereo power...

2. TIGHT STOMPS (158 samples)
Bootwalk, Hollowstomps, Dwarfstomps, Next Door, clean walk...

3. ROOM STOMPS (130 samples)
Roomboots, group stomps, spring impacts, Stereo slap, Studio cat...

4. DECO STOMPS (264 samples)
Afrostomps, Bootsomps, Moneystomps, Mutemetal, Rangerstomps, Roomshake, Sheriff Walk, Shell Impacts, Trashbag...

5. STACKED STOMPS (100 samples)
Army Stomps, Dry Stacks, Fat kicks, Treestomps, Wide Punch...

6. FX STOMPS (69 samples)
Big Spring Tank, Deep stomps, Risers, Impacts...

7. VARIOUS STOMPS (17 samples)
solo and group foot stomps samples recorded in a studio control room



01_Footstomp Pack
The main set features all raw samples from the collection, spread over 70 keys, organized in 5 categories.
For extra realism, a new sample will be played each time you press the same key consecutively (11 round robin)

02_Footstomp Pack_pitched and stacked
This patch features various samples taken from the main set, all pitched and layered to create original, tasty and punchy sounds over 39 keys.
The stacked samples are velocity-sensitive: for example, playing a key softly will only trigger a single foot stomp, while striking the key at full velocity will trigger extra layers of stomps.
Experiment with playing a few keys simultaneously for some real stacking action!


These patches feature the samples from the main set grouped in categories.
All patches have a playing range of one octave, and come in pairs:
Each two patches showcase the same samples, laid out on different keys, in order to facilitate the creation of complex multi patches.

03_Power Stomps_A
04_Power Stomps_B
05_Tight Stomps_A
06_Tight Stomps_B
07_Room Stomps_A
08_Room Stomps_B
09_Deco Stomps_A
10_Deco Stomps_B
11_Various Stomps_A
12_Various Stomps_B

These two patches provide the same sounds and functions as the two main Kontakt 5 sets:
31_Footstomp Pack_K4
32_Footstomp Pack_pitched and stacked_K4

These NI KONTAKT multi patches feature various combinations of the category patches. Their purpose is to instantly provide efficient, punchy layers of foot stomps as well as original and fascinating sound effects:

201_Fat Kicks
202_Wide Punch
203_Deep Stomps FX
204_Army Stomps
205_Tree Stomps
206_Stereo Vibrolux
207_Big Springs

NB: A full version of Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 5 is required. The patches will load in demo mode (with a time limit) in NI Kontakt Free Player.

904 foot stomps samples (WAV, 48kHz, 24bit)
21 NI Kontakt patches
Total Size uncompressed: 246MB


released February 15, 2013



all rights reserved


loops de la crème Wien, Austria

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