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How do I use my discount code?

When you click on the 'Buy Now' link, you'll see a pop up with the price and checkout options. Underneath the price, you'll find a 'Have a discount code?' link. Click on this, and enter your discount code in the field. Then, click on 'Apply' and the price will be automatically reduced.

I wanted to download the samples, but can't find the wav. 24bit format among the format options given to me?

The choice of format is actually just for the additional demo audio files posted on each product page. You can select mp3, it will make the download faster, or pick one of the esoteric formats for fun or to run a test!
Your sample kit will automatically be delivered to you via the download as a ZIP file. Unzip the folder, and you'll find a text containing the license agreement, and a folder with all samples in pristine WAV.

Why do you use bandcamp?

I actually have been using their platform for a few years now, it's totally add-free, has a cool and clever 'name your price' feature, practical stats, is a free service, and has a great team of people always willing to help. It's glitch-free, provides a nice music listening and purchasing experience.
I heartily apologize to all loops de la crème users who find bandcamp's interface confusing. Still, I'll stay with that system a little longer. Meanwhile, I'm working on setting up a webshop on my own website, www.julientauban.com. I'll post more about it when it's ready!

I read about one sample pack being free on a forum, but I don't see a free download link…

Actually, all free stuff is donationware, set as 'name your price, no minimum'. You can click on the BUY link, and enter '0' as a price for a free download. You can also feel generous and make a donation. Every month, loops de la crème offers a minimum of 200 free downloads. Past that point, every 'free' product automatically turns to a minimum donation of 1euro. If you're patient, wait the 2nd day of the following month, and get the product for free!

Can I give away the products to a friend, or post them on my blog?

Sorry that's a big NO lol When you download the products, you're automatically entitled a license. You are allowed to use the samples in your productions, both for commercial and non-commercial projects, can of course copy then to your hard drive, import them in your sampler, use them for a live performance… But you're not allowed to give them to anyone, sell them as such or as part of another sample collection, post them on blogs or forums… If you have a specific question about the license, contact me at office@julientauban.com

I don't understand the different series?

Let me try to explain that: All items finishing with '… pack' are part of a 'minipack' series: they are small collections of single-shots samples, you can use them to create beats, import them in samplers,… they try to provide useful sounds in a small, easily downloaded package.
Worldsounds is a series of high quality original ethnic recordings. They provide either small collections of various instruments, or detailed recordings of one particular instrument.

Why do I have to give my email address to download the samples?

The link to directly download the products will be sent to you via email. I have the highest respect for email privacy, and will not share this info to anyone. You will be informed about free downloads and promotions via a monthly loops de la crème newsletter, to which you can unsubscribe anytime.


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? SEND AN EMAIL at: office@julientauban.com


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