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    1. a ZIP FOLDER (134MB) with:
    - 62 cymbal samples (stereo wav, 24bit, 48Khz)
    - 2 Kontakt patches
    - 15 IR samples (reverb impulse responses)
    - a user guide (pdf file)
    2. the CYMBAL ESSENTIAL demo track in your choice of format.

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NB: this product is also available in Loops de la Crème complete bundle LA TOTALE, available here:

This is the first product from the SILVER&GOLD series, a new line of premium cymbal samples and virtual instruments.

The included samples showcase various playing technics, and were recorded with great depth and detail, in stereo, and with as little ambience as possible to ensure maximum flexibility and usefulness. They are divided in 6 categories:

10 Rides
16 Crashes (using both sticks, plastic rods and mallets)
9 HiHats (3 sets of closed, foot, and open variations)
7 Piatti (orchestral hand held cymbals)
12 Long Rolls (using mallets)
8 splashes, bells and stacks (cymbals stacked on top of each other)

62 cymbal samples, (stereo 24bit, 48Khz wav)
15 IR samples (convolution reverb)
two Native Instruments KONTAKT patches:
1. main set
2. sound design set
Total size unzipped: 191MB

One of the included Kontakt patch is the main set: you will find all samples mapped across the keys in five separate areas.
The second patch is a sound design set: it uses various sampling technics (looping, pitching, reverse playing...) to provide new and original sounds.

10 different and complementary cymbals were selected for the creation of this collection. Most are hand-made, unique cymbals, some of them are highly sought-after collector items:

10" bronze Ice Bell:
a thick high-pitched effect cymbal, with a long decay and icy overtones
12" PAISTE Splash:
a short and bright cymbal, great for accents
12" vintage Avedis ZILDJIAN:
originally a 16", this cymbal was recut, and produces a rare and funky gong-like sound
14" ISTANBUL extra heavy pair:
a fantastic set of hi hat cymbals, handmade in turkey, also great as crash or hand-held piatti cymbals
14" Avedis ZILDJIAN crash:
a mellow, thin expressive crash, with complex decay
16" ZILDJIAN K dark crash:
a great cymbal with a rich range of overtones, also perfect for dirty ride hits
16" vintage Avedis ZILDJIAN crash ride:
extremely versatile, perfect definition. A masterpiece from the great 60s jazz era of Zildjian
18" BOSPHORUS paper thin crash:
a mellow, dark and mystical cymbal, with intense decay. perfect for rolls and orchestra settings
22" MEINL ride:
extreme stick definition, surprisingly powerful and effective when used as a crash


released January 2, 2012

created by Julien Tauban, 2011



all rights reserved


loops de la crème Wien, Austria

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