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!!!NB: a sequel to the Clap Pack Deluxe is now available here:

The ultimate real claps and snaps sample library!

Inspired and motivated by the success of the original CLAP PACK, Loops de la crème has gone through great efforts to create the most exhaustive, varied and practical real claps and snaps sample library:

The CLAP PACK DELUXE features over 1800 samples of real claps and snaps, and 18 NI KONTAKT patches.

The patches add a great functionality, and make these samples fun to perform and use: it's never been easier to program punchy and realistic backbeats, inspiring and organic metronome tracks, or even perform round of applause!

Recorded over the last 10 years, in many studios in America, the Middle-East and Europe, this sample kit features a sound, attention to details and functionality of the highest standards!

- 1805 samples
- groups claps, single claps, group snaps, single snaps
- contains both dry samples and samples with natural ambience
- 18 Kontakt patches
- up to 9 round robin, up to ten velocity layers
- up to 80 alternate samples per category
- clever programing allows a fantastic level of realism with no effort


SINGLE CLAPS (over 1100 samples)

straight claps, glove claps, dark claps, stomach claps, vintage room claps, thin claps, straight claps, room claps and more...

GROUP CLAPS (269 samples)

2 pairs, 4 pairs, 6 pairs, gang claps, reamped group claps...

SNAPS SAMPLES (377 samples)

studio snaps, double snaps, group snaps, straight snaps, vintage room snaps, stereo snaps, and more..


00_Stacked claps and snaps
This patch features various samples of both claps, snaps and group claps, all layered to create original, tasty and punchy sounds. The stacked samples are velocity-sensitive: for example, playing a key softly will only trigger a snap sample, while striking the key at full velocity will trigger extra layers of claps.
Experiment with playing a few keys simultaneously for some real stacking action!

Most of the snaps samples of the collection are displayed in this patch. You will find both round robin cycles (red keys) as well as a multitude of varied snap samples (blue keys).

02_Single Claps_RoundRobin 1 and 2
These two patches showcase many single clap samples. For extra realism, a new sample will be played each time you press the same key consecutively (round robin)
The two patches showcase the same samples, laid out on different keys, in order to facilitate the creation of complex multi patches.

02_Single Claps_studio selection
A selection of samples full of detail and punch. They feature the various natural ambiences of a studio (vocal booth, control room, live room, corridor)

02_Single Claps_various samples
These extra clap samples were recorded with a wide selection of microphones, and feature the natural ambience of various locations.

02_Single Claps_velocity
This patch features dynamic sets of clap samples: pressing a key with various force will trigger a different sample (up to ten velocity layers)

03_Group Claps_all A and B
Most of the group claps samples of the collection are featured in these patches. Once again, extended use of round robin programming ensure a breathtaking realism.
The two patches showcase the same samples, laid out on different keys, in order to facilitate the creation of complex multi patches.

03_Gang Claps_A1, A2 and A3
These group claps samples have a sweet raw sound. The patches feature extended round robin programing. The three patches showcase the same samples, laid out on different keys, in order to facilitate the creation of complex multi patches.

05_MULTI_group claps stereo
05_MULTI_group claps-three groups
05_MULTI_layered snaps and claps
05_MULTI_layered snaps and single claps
05_MULTI_Stereo single claps
These NI KONTAKT multi patches feature various combinations of the single patches. Their purpose is to instantly provide efficient, punchy layers of claps and snaps.

10_Sound design claps
This patch features various pitched claps and snaps, as well as looped or layered sounds. Making great use of KONTAKT's sampling power, these original sounds will be useful for electronic music or soundtrack duties.

NB: a full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 is required. The patches will load in Kontakt Free Player in demo mode (with a time limit)


released August 25, 2012



all rights reserved


loops de la crème Wien, Austria

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